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Your week, day by day itinerary

Day 1, Saturday

Arrival day. We will meet you at the airport and bring you over to Marina Kastela. If you wish, of course, you can arrange your own transfer, but we are happy to do it. Check in time is 17:00. If you like (if your flight arrives much earlier in the day), you can head over to Split, to for some lunch and a bit of sight seeing. Taxi back to Marina Kastela is about 20 euros.

We will spend the evening getting familiar with the boat. It is very important to familiarise yourself with the workings of the yacht, as it does have some specifics that will make your holiday even more enjoyable if you are aware of them.

Relaxed dinner will be served onboard, where we will talk about the plan for the week, your expectations and how we can make sure that all of your goals are achieved. We will make sure that we tailor the programme to your needs as much as possible and monitor progress throughout the week.

Day 2 (Sunday) to Day 5 (Thursday)

The programme for each day will be as follows. There are, of course, variations day by day, but to give you an idea of what we will do, here is a detailed plan!

07:00 Wake up
08:00A�Morning exercises, yoga and pilates, with a bit of dancing (you’ll love it!)
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Set sail to our next destination
14:00 Stop on anchor and have lunch and a swim
17:00 Arrival atA�our marina or anchorage for the night
19:00A�Evening exercises, yoga and pilates, with a bit of dancing and a bit more swimming!
20:00 Evening meal