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Food and drink onboard.

Fresh. Healthy. Simple.

We keep it simple

We firmly believe in simple, fresh and local food. We dona��t have crazy dressings on our salads, we dona��t have complicated sauces on our fish, we dona��t do funny things with our meat.

Staying fit and beautifully healthy is 80 percent about your nutrition and 20 percent about exercise. Thata��s we created healthy, bespoke-quality, and perfectly portioned recipes you will love.

We go for healthy eating not restrictive diets and include a fantastic variety of veggies, fruits and unprocessed food in our recipes. You will enjoy every meal experience, celebrate Mediterranean cuisine traditions, and adopt (or reinforce) healthy eating habits that will pay off forever.

We take the freshest of ingredients, we cook them simply, and they are delicious. With the local fresh fish, we usually make savory soup or grill it. With meat, we make simple stew or marinade it and grill. Together with yummy fresh products we use in our salads you will be in food heaven.

Local markets

Every other day we will restock the fresh ingredients, fish and meat. It all comes from local markets and will be organic. We work closely with local small scale distributors that manage to keep stock fresh and know exactly where it comes from.

Local recipes

Local Mediterranean cuisines are very healthy, and we use as much of local knowledge as possible when it comes to serving you our recipes. So not only is it natural, healthy and tasty, it has the backing of centuries of local knowledge to make you feel good!